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posted 9th Jul 2015, 2:22 PM

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9th Jul 2015, 2:22 PM


(Part 2 of The Stay Over.)

For some, morning isn't a time of day or the positioning of the sun in the sky, but whenever one gets out of bed.

Slowly, Ahab opened her lone eye, feeling the cool damp air from the cellar's window shutter breezing in. She shivered a little, but it wasn't a bad kind of cold. Ahab was used to various sensations at this point. It was like chewing aspirin: bad, yet sort of interesting too. A light chill wasn't her enemy.

The cellar was dim, damp, and grimy as ever. Ahab stretched with a yawn only to be reminded of where she called bed last night. She awoke on her back, still quite stuck to the large web and a bit more entangled around the limbs from having shifted around unconsciously during the night.

She struggled to raise her head to survey the fact. A nice kinky way to wake up. But it also told her other things. The spider wasn't standing nearby as far as she could tell, looming over her like some gargoyle. And it didn't seem she was bitten or bound, which were also possibilities. As far as she could determine, her host simply left her alone. "Hm?"

The demishamaness gazed around as best she could from her perspective and found across the room, now closer to the stairs, the spider built an entirely seperate trap and sat lurched there. But it had been busy during the night in general. There were many more scattered strands and loose cords of silk around the cellar now. Trip lines, Ahab thought? She was empathic with these creatures, but it was still hard to know them. Their thought patterns were more alien despite they shared a reality with her. She was a bit envious.

As by reflex, Ahab tried to rise up, but found her ability to move was largely limited to stretched inches. She squirmed back and forth a few times, trying to wrench herself loose, but the web held her captive still. It would take more work to free herself. Spiders were quite good at stopped things bigger than themselves who could simply rely on strength alone. Short of being a hulk, strength alone was not a virtue for escape in the short term. It would take a lot of effort and clumsy struggling. Fortunately, her host across the room didn't seem actively predisposed to keeping her.

Sighing pleasantly in her familiar trappings (pun intended), Ahab was in no huge rush to start her day. She tended to be groggy and sluggish in the morning, rather content to just lay in bed or wherever she rested her head for about thirty minutes, with maybe a bit of stretching here and there. She thought about what she might do today. Visit that river she saw in the distance the day before? Forage for blueberries? Or head deeper into the woods? She wasn't heading anywhere specific. As such, she made good time along that journey.

Things began to warm up slightly and Ahab began to work at her sticky bindings. She was thankful she possessed the black claws and talons. In her earlier years, she had not these things, just her regular eight and two half fingers and ten toes. Getting mixed up in the monstrous webs of the Subterranea was a much more difficult escape back then. And she was much less confident that she could in that time. Nowadays while it wasn't uncommon to get snared a bit down there as the spider's traps were frequent, her natural slicing digits made things much easier. She was more limited when she couldn't make use of them. So more often did she work to unlock those gifts.

It was some ten or fifteen minutes in that things grew confusing suddenly. Out of the corner of her remaining eye, she glanced across the room again, only to find her eight legged host was missing from his silken perch. Not that she'd hear it, but it was usually worth a bit of notice when the author of the trap is out of eyesight. If they shared the same web, she might've assumed she struggled too much and grew its attention. But they didn't. So where was it?

She scanned about from her limited view and assumed it ducked off into some shadow or behind some silken spun curtain, obscured from her vision. Having one eye and having to crane her head did limit her perspective a bit. So be it and no worries, she thought, going back to freeing her hand claws to a more useful angle instead of just 'tangled'.

From nowhere, the web she lounged in shook several times. It was here! But why? And where-

Two long spindly black legs reached up from either side of her head to her alarm as she realized it was hanging down underneath her. From there, they drew a band of silk from the presumed spider below and sealed her lips closed in nearly an instant. "Mmnrph?" Ahab mumbled in confusion. A second band overlapped that one, forcing her head to lean back, exposing her throat.
The web shook again as it quickly climbed to one horizontal plane to another: in moments the spider was down by her feet as it crawled up on hastened steps.

"Why is it attacking me all of the sudden? Maybe it had a detection line running across the room... but why now? Why not before?" Ahab wondered to herself, trying to figure out what set the sizable arachnid into a fervor of activity. The change in mood did wonders to wake her up, in any event.

She tried to gaze back at it to feel what it might be thinking, but she couldn't move her head enough with the gag attached to the web. From there on, she could feel it using its silk to restrain her lower legs. She kicked at this sensation, causing the web to jerk but giving her no further freedom in doing so. It was being thorough, she thought.

And so it continued, with Ahab struggling rather unsuccessfully, having failed to extricate herself enough earlier. And so the spider itself continued as well, binding her limbs and slowly encircling her during its work. Curiously, the silk wasn't specifically attached to the main web itself, so much as foot to foot and hand to hand. The kind of restraint better used to move prey later. The demishamaness suspected she might be dragged along on a trip to its larder before this was over. Again, why now?

The young woman's pulsed raced as she struggled and thrashed, but escaping a spider during an attack was nearly impossible. Her experience taught her this over the years. 'If they want you, you're not leaving' was the general idea. Made sense. Still wasn't any less exciting. She couldn't help but be anxious despite her background with this sort of thing. It was all a bit fearful no matter how one looks at it, but physically and mentally thrilling. For her, anyway. Bare skin restrained against sticky silk. Erotic sensations of domination, vulnerability, and exposed submission. Growing danger amidst helpless struggling. Her body couldn't help but show the signs of enjoying it even if other people would be screaming unpleasantly of the experience were they to undergo it.

Within mere minutes, the spider packaged Ahab together into a shape closer to a ball. She had been turned on her side facing the outward wall and looked to be utterly covered in thick cobwebbing with glimpses of her skin showing through the gaps of strands and swaths. She was not only stuck to the web, but to herself. However, she was not cocooned. Not yet, anyway.

So when the spider crawled over her and seemed now much bigger and she so much smaller, she expected the finishing blow- one or a series of sustained venomous kisses in her soft ghostly skin where she might offer little physical resistance. The neck, clavicle, hips, below the ribs... the most common places these creatures seemed to instinctively know how to bring her down. It would be a mix of short quick pain and a pleasure comparable to a vampire's bite, as well as the sensation of venom coursing through her body. That body would begin to betray itself in its desperate struggles of bondage, either becoming dizzy, weaker, lethargic, or perhaps even paralyzation. She'd known all these types. And even the variably hot or cooling sensation while the venom spread. After that, who knew? Assuming she was still awake, she might feel very little afterwards as if the dentist gave her a shot in the gums to something like the mother of all aphrodisiacs while in a dreamy daze.

What she got was none of these. The spider loomed over the hapless pale girl and bit into right lower rib. Reflexively, she yelped into her muffle. But there was no sensation of venom. Just a sustained dry bite. She gasped at the sudden sting, but soon became perplexed by the lack of a follow up sensation. Finally, she could see back at her captor through the web strands over her face and get a sense for things. 'Silence' was what it wanted. Silence? She was pretty certain she hadn't been noisy during her awakening.

Moments later, Ahab heard something else. Footsteps outside, trudging through the muddy ground from last night's rainfall. This island was a quiet place. Largely empty and abandoned tracts of forest and farm. But there were others here. People to be... avoided.

Hunters, she called them. A belligerent backwards people she often saw walking around with hunting rifles for deer... and anything else. She'd been shot at by them on the outskirts of a farm some half week ago. They attacked not out of interests of territory but considered her some strange looking animal some how. Even when she tried to talk to them, they seemed to utterly ignore any idea she was still more or less as human as they. They grinned, jested to themselves, but not once acknowledged her as something sentient. Or they didn't care. Her encounters with them were quite odd. They simply saw her as something to be shot for sport and hollowed out like a bear carcass to make a rug.

They led a rural scavenging life, from what she saw. And they didn't seem to answer to anyone as far as she could tell. But then, this whole area seemed like some pocket of reality out of time with everything else around it. She hadn't even stumbled on any proper town out here, let alone law enforcement.

The footsteps stopped outside the cellar window. She could hear the sound of denim jeans rustling against themselves and boots being worn. And something metal... likely a gun. The spider flexed the web possessively around her and bit her again. Ahab's body made a short quivering response. The smell of old rancid alcohol could be smelled after a few moments of shadows blocking most of the light from the narrow window.

"Well, would you look at that. Dumb thing must've took cover in here last night, 'ccording to these tracks. Fell or walked into a spiderweb, coz she ain't goin' no where now," said one in thick hillbilly voice.

"Yeah-ya," came the other one, sounding similar but more nasal. "Crist-almighty, look at that thing. Big fuckin' bug too. What a way to go."

They stood silently for a moment when the second one spoke again. "So now what? She's halfway to death with that bloodsucker pumpin' her fulla toxins. Mebbe dead already. Thing's got 'er good. We gonna go get her or...?"

"Naw naw. My fat ass isn't going to squeeze in there and I'm not breakin' into this house. You dense or something? This is the McCready house. Place is haunted as shit. Lot of people died here back in the day, I heard."

"What... you think there's ghosts in there? Like, real ghosts?"

"How many giant spiders you see runnin' around these parts? That place ain't natural. Figures a weird lookin' girl-thing like her would get tricked into wandering in there. Ghosts like making people dead. And well, getting tagged by a spider the size of my dog like that? That's like begging for death. Truly disgusting way to go."

"And nuts... was hoping to make an ash tray or back scratcher of those hands. Well, whatever she was... she's bug food now."

"Yep. Well, fuck it. Let's git back home. This was all for nothing."

The shadow cast by the two departed with their boots clomping in the soggy ground, along with the garish smell of poor quality beer staining their breath. Slowly, the spider pulled its fangs back and retreated away from Ahab. She sensed peace from it now as it climbed off the web to across the room once again.

Ahab blinked. It... saved her? At least from being shot for sport. Somehow, it knew they were coming, perhaps being more focused on its surroundings than she was. She couldn't say. Had she made some impression on it? Some favorable outlook by her visit?

As the spider left her alone and retreated across the room once more, she looked at herself, still very much packaged up in sticky silk and not able to do much about it. Her claws and talons were something she could barely wriggle now. In times past where she found herself in this situation, she usually could use her empathy with spiders to convince them to release her after a while, if just as being a kindred spirit. But with it across the room, she couldn't establish that link.

It hadn't poisoned her, but she couldn't really move either. She was left to remain where she was, alone and webbed in the cellar of a supposedly haunted house. Ahab now began to wonder if the impression she made was that of a trophy worth being kept... she writhed and wriggled for the hours to come, unable to free herself as a price of having spent a comfortable night in a less than reputable inn and bed.

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