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posted 7th Jul 2015, 9:11 AM

AGC pages: 23
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7th Jul 2015, 9:11 AM


(Nell's bio. She's the only one I have the biography for, so I included it here.)

Name: Nelitzsche 'Nell' Shackleford
Age: Unknown, human form appears to be between 18-23.
Sign: Gemini
Height: 5'6
Weight: 105lbs
Gender: Female
Home: Haine, Virginia
Heritage: Spider Fairy
Living family: Unknown
Hair: Unkempt Vividly purple
Skin: Asian tones (grey in Spider Fairy form).
Speaking Font: Boopee
First Appearance: Page 358 (disguised as a spider)
Physical conditions: Shapeshifting limitation (Face)
Body Outline: Spunky, cute.
Personality: Highly extroverted, mischievious, affectionate.
IQ: 116
Spirituality: None.
Allies: Ahab, Marcus, Carter Shackleford
Enemies: None

Summary: Nell is a denizen of the Subterranea. Once merely a simple Spider Fairy, she caught the attention of a curious British spelunker and field scientist known as Professor Carter Shackleford. Rather taken with her bemusing responses (and for her part, attracted to the possibility of getting sugary snacks), the two traveled together as the Professor explored the underworld. Growing more intelligent and mature under the Professor's accompaniment, Nell began to manifest beyond her basic ken. She developed a genuine appreciation for the Professor's kindness and in turn, became competent enough to help him as an assistant in his explorations. Over said time, Nell learns about the surface world and becomes fascinated with humans. She develops innate shapeshifting powers that allow her to resemble one, as her normal form is that of a spiderish body.

In time, the good Professor was kidnapped by the Death Clan due to the security risk he presented to everyone in the tunnels, as his ambitions were leading him to reveal the Subterranea to everyone above. Nell is spared and to her knowledge, the Professor is merely a prisoner of the Death Clan as his intelligence makes him valuable. She is saddened to lose him, but due to her upbringing, she understands the harsh laws of the underworld and does her best to move on.

Nell next tries living on the surface, taking occupations that allow her to use her shapeshifting skills for attention while overlooking her lack of personal identification. However, she largely fails to succeed at these jobs and becomes unhappy with the frequent rejection.

Ahab and Marcus, on a vacation to Vet's Island in the Carolinas, meet Nell in Haine, Virginia, while inadvertently staying at a haunted motel. Nell resided there due to her special dietary needs (shadow essence as opposed to blood), dining on vermin infected with the darkness given off by dormant ghosts in the building. She catches Ahab, but isn't particularly vicious so much as tries to persuade Ahab to help her. However, the two quickly develop an affection for each other and Nell joins Marcus and Ahab for the ride out of Haine.

Diagnosis: Outright, Nell approaches people with great trust and interest in friendship. She's very genuine about her interests in being social, although there is an underlying sense that Nell has a deep need for positive attention and love. Her mentor, Professor Shackleford, was very good to her but this led Nell to believe all humans were as kind as he was. Clinging to an incorrect viewpoint, Nell tries and tries to earn affection and friendship from others. She doesn't need to be friends with everyone around her, but she prefers to be on good terms.

For her own part, Nell is not easily brought down by failure and rejection. If anything, it takes a great deal to depress her and even then, she isn't nearly as dark as other characters in the story. She lives with some personal dejection, but Nell inevitably bounces back, able to accept more or less anything and move on. The downside to this is Nell often puts up with bad circumstances longer than she should.

Her mind is a largely carefree place, unafraid to put her feelings on the line and state her intentions up front. She is attracted to those who can accept her open personality. More so if they have a sense of danger to them.

Sexuality: Likely bisexual. Nell implies she's dated many times before meeting Ahab, although she never specifies what genders she's been with or mentions any preference. Primarily, she just wants to be loved.

Skills: Nell is a competent mimick of humanity, both mentally and physically. She is able to shapeshift her body and skin tone as needed, although for some reason, she cannot modify her face or hair much whatsoever. In order to shapeshift, she needs to briefly study someone and then requires a short period of time to do so, even mimicking clothing. Her most common forms aside from her natural appearance is that of a regular looking smaller spider or a young human woman. However, all her appearances are mainly cosmetic. (She once mimicked Ahab's body, but in reality, the clawed fingers would not be as sharp or strong as Ahab's.) Nell also retains her abilities as a Spider Fairy in human form, capable of using venom and webbing. She is an extremely capable trapper, although she is not much of a combatant otherwise. Like nearly all creatures of the Subterranea, she can see in the dark. Her more mundane skills are primarily social based and related to the surface.

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