AGC pages 3

posted 30th Jun 2015, 3:04 AM

AGC pages 3
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30th Jun 2015, 3:04 AM


Marcus' bio had one of the most minimalist images and it was the least impressive to me. I cropped out a lot of the dead space so I could at least put up a head shot.

Also, here's a list of the fonts used over the course of the years for AG's characters. During the production, I tried to list whatever font a person was speaking when introduced. Some fonts were changed over time, particularly as some were system centric and I went through two computers during my time writing AG.

rockwell/Gentium Book Basic for Zion
Elephant / Book Antiqua / Georgia for Bagman
gil sans ultra bold: minotaur
Currant Black for Marcus
Skrawl for Ahab
Ellian's for Lupara/Zipper
Garamond Gaudy Old style for Tnimus
Fine hand / Fine script for Zillah
SerpentisBlack for Sarsippus
Chiller for Zygiella
Sylfaen for Magra
Impact / Cooper Black for Brother Hinchly
The Sixth Sense for Geriot
Blood Crow for Sina
Segoe for Snausage
Elbjorg for the High Inquisitor Nigel
Franklin Gothic Book for Cassius
Maiandra GD for tough cult guard
Unzialish for the Aringa Ora and Black Hatter and Zazanine
Garamond for Szaybesh
Subway Haze for Centipede
trebuchet MS for Viszen
Philosopher for Berlin
Century Gothic for Jhovan
Century Gothic / Catriel: Vespa
Bastard: Zanza-Anzulu
Credit Valley: Rex-Inu
Hurry up for Maureen
Byinton for Margaret
Iskoola (use Bold) for Hank Odenski
Arial for Zeke
Diogenes for Wadjet
Haunted for the 3 Haine ghosts
Boopee for Nell
Bastard for Shadowmind
Carolingia for Ponce de Leon
Candara for Esteban
Huxtable for Calusa woman
Endemic Roman for Wilomein
Yataghan for Pennyroyal and Amaranth
Vinque for Leyj
Incolhua for the Corpse Flower
Werewolf for Mallory
Subway Gaze for big shepherd
Corbiel for James Henry Morgan
Bastard for Azareth
Susan Tobins (Celia's mother)
FangSong for Legion

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